Northumberland Nova Scotia

One of the most inspiring places to be or visit in Eastern Canada is the Northumberland shore, Nova Scotia. This area inspiring for its beaches, and its rural atmosphere when visiting the countryside. Although its massive 2100 mile shoreline is much too subject to cold air current to be beach friendly, the section of the straight that is close to Prince Edward Island has warm water discharges from the St. Lawrence River, making the waters warm enough to attract tourists and swimmers. On the South Shore, of course, things are even more comfortable, with an extensive boardwalk and resources to support beachgoers.

Given this much comfortable and attractive beach area, one would think the Northumberland shore is a pricey area, whereas the reality is that oceanfront property is surprisingly affordable along the Nova Scotia coastline. The typical building lot overlooking the Northumberland Strait may go for just $35,000, which will set a buyer back a bit, but nothing like the luxury pricing of other resort or vacation areas. It's not clear whether this situation is going to last, as the previously secret news about the affordability of the area is increasingly getting out.